Get Sculpted From The Inside

Gravity Club is a first-class, exclusive and one-of-its-kind club to optimise your fitness, wellness and vitality goals. Indulge in the finest for your health and well-being with a trusted team of specialists at Gravity Club. Enjoy the comprehensive fitness facilities or rejuvenate in complete luxury with bespoke treatments and personalised packages. We invite you to receive the best and be sculpted from the inside, to the outside.


Be sculpted outside, stay healthy inside.
Evaluate your risk for chronic diseases with HealthFACTR, a specially formulated medical program that leverages off the power of algorithms to provide you with a holistic healthcare assessment. Shifting the approach from reactive to predictive, HealthFACTR determines the modifiable factors that contribute to your risk and delivers actionable intervention to reduce it.

Integration of 5 Risk Scores:

Your personal metabolic risk scores will show a unique algorithm that calculates correlations between risk scores to modulate them and a second set of algorithms that generate customized recommendations (drugs, nutrition, lifestyle) for you to reduce your risk profile. Achieve your personal optimal health with a tailored intervention program from the dedicated in-club physician today.

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