Our Club

Gravity was created for those seeking a personalised, holistic and focused contemporary wellness experience. Here, we operate by our philosophy: The Laws of Gravity,that encompass the elements of Wellness, Vitality, Lifestyle, Structure, Performance and Equilibrium. We consistently deliver a highly personalised service to optimise your health and ensure you always remain at peak performance.

Our Mission

We’re here to provide holistic lifestyle support for our members, keeping them fully charged – both mentally and physically. By optimising wellness in an intimate environment - delivered through a highly personalised service - we ensure the lives of each of our members run at peak performance.

Conceived for business executives and individuals seeking personalised, holistic and focused wellness services, Gravity is a new category of health club that aims to enable those living in the fast lane to experience a higher level of health and wellness.

- Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia