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Pilates is a training method that develops strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. The focus of the workout is on the Power House Muscles - abdominals, back, glutes and pelvic floor. This class can be done by everyone at any level of fitness.

Outdoor Fusion

Build strength, stamina and a strong, stable core using a variety of functional training tools, including suspension straps, kettle Bells and ViPRs. Combine this with functional body weight exercises that work against gravity, and you have a fun and challenging class that can be adapted for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

The perfect antidote to a hard day’s work at the office. Restore your internal balance, revitalise your body, relax your mind and reduce your stress as you synchronise your movements with your breath for the ideal mind and body connection. This 60 minute gently-paced class is the perfect place to start if you are new to Yoga.

Dynamic Yoga

Build stamina and increase strength and endurance with an intense yet seamless flow of invigorating, energizing poses which work up to a challenging finish. This class is 60 minutes. If you’re new to Yoga, try Restorative or Aerial Yoga first.

Performance Cycling

Compete with no-one but yourself as you take an intense ride that simulates varied terrains, tackling mountain climbs, sprints and undulating hills using variable resistance. Each class is a creatively- designed journey that will leave you feeling accomplished and exhilarated.

Tri Fit

Build your fitness and muscular endurance in this energetic 60 minute class. Cycle, run and swim your way to a new level of performance. Designed for triathletes and non-triathletes of all levels. And if you can’t swim, you can substitute with a poolside row.

Swim Squad

It’s a great feeling to be a strong, fast and efficient swimmer, but it can also be physically and mentally tough training by yourself. The answer is to join our swim squad and train alongside other motivated swimmers. Under the guidance of a swim coach your technique and performance will rise to a whole new level. As long as you know the basics of freestyle you’ll be ready to join our squad.

Aqua Move

Looking for a Strength and Conditioning Class that’s low impact and suitable for all ages and physical conditions? Then Aqua Move might be perfect for you. Using the physical properties of water our Aqua Move instructor will take you through a challenging workout that builds muscular strength & endurance and enhances cardiovascular fitness, while at the same time providing exercise that is very smooth on the joints and a programme that allows each participant to exercise at their own intensity.

High Performance Training (HPT)

Prepare to move better by releasing tight muscles, firing up inactive ones and mobilising joints before you hit the main workout. This short but highly effective class will enable you to achieve a personal best every time, maximising your movement efficiency as you train core, strength and cardio. After all, success is always in the preparation.