A Higher Level of Well-Being

At Gravity Club, we strive to take your fitness, wellness and vitality to the next level – starting from the inside. Our team of specialists, which include chiropractors, physiotherapists and even skin care professionals, will work with you to craft a personalised regime to help uplift your every aspect. We invite you to keep going, and keep glowing, by being sculpted from the inside, to the outside.


Whether you're looking for a menu tailored to your lifestyle or to host a business meal, we have your needs covered. Order your meal with our friendly concierge before you start your work out and replenish yourself with nutritious fine food from the Mediterranean right after. Only at the Artemis; located just one floor above Gravity Club, it’s the dining venue that has you in mind while designing its exquisite menu, creating using only the finest seasonal produce.
Website: http://artemisgrill.com.sg/

Experience our Premium Facilities

Wellness Suite

  • The ProScanner captures a 360° 3D image of you and extracts measurements of your health. This will offer an objective, analytical view of your physical wellness levels.