Wellness Recovery Clinic




PULSE TCM was first established with the goal to harmonise a modern outlook with traditional TCM knowledge and techniques.

Today, PULSE TCM is the preferred modern TCM clinic in Singapore with 7 clinics located around town, as well as a dedicated foot reflex and pain management centre.

Most of the physicians at PULSE TCM are local and bilingual and are trained in Biomedical Sciences. All the physicians are also registered under TCMPB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health.

Physician Lyonel Ng
Double Degree (Honours): Bachelor Of Science In Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor Of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Nanyang Technological University And Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine

His relentless pursuit in acquiring new techniques and upgrading his TCM skills and knowledge has brought him to Singapore and China, attending various courses and symposiums by leading experts in the field.

Physician Lyonel Ng believes that many pain, especially chronic pain, originates from one’s lifestyle choices. With a good understanding of patients’ lifestyle and grasp in the biomechanics of the body, he tailors a complete treatment plan consisting of various acupuncture and manipulation techniques to relieve pain and prevent future occurrence of pain.

Physician Ng’s expertise: Pain Management (Acupuncture & Tuina), Traumatology, Spine-related Diseases, Myofascial Rehabilitation, Joint Manipulation, Internal Disorder.